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Quotidien Shift 1 

Quotidian Shift, 1.jpeg

Quotidien Shift 2 

Quotidian Shift 2.jpeg

Quotidien Shift 3

Quotidian Shift 3.jpeg

Quotidien Shift 4 


Quotidien Shift 5

Quotidan Shift 5.jpeg

A Circle on the Land

A Circle on the Land, outside 2.jpeg

A Circle on the Land, Details 

A Circle on the Land, outside detail.jpe

In A Fertile World 1

In A Fertile World, 1.jpeg

In A Fertile World 2 

In A Fertile World, 2.jpeg

In A Fertile World 3 

In A Fertile World, 3.jpeg

In A Fertile World 4

In A Fertile World, 4.jpeg

In A Fertile World 5

In A Fertile World, 5.jpeg

Moving Towards Stillness 1

Moving Towards Stillness, 1.jpeg
Moving Towards Stillness, 2.jpg

Moving Towards Stillness 2

Moving Towards Stillness 3

Moving Towards Stillness, 3.jpeg

Moving Towards Stillness 4

Moving Towards Stillness, 4.jpeg

Moving Towards Stillness 5

Moving Towards Stillness, 5.jpeg
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