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Nancy Sausser is an artist, curator, and writer living and working in the Washington D.C. area. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from the University of Washington, in Seattle, and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Kenyon College. Her sculpture, executed primarily in low-fire ceramic, has been exhibited around the Washington DC and Seattle areas and her writing has been published in the Washington Post, Fiber Arts Magazine,Washington Review and in numerous exhibition catalogs. She has been putting together exhibitions of contemporary art for over twenty- five years and is currently Exhibitions Director and Curator at McLean Project for the Arts in McLean, Virginia.  

Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring the conversation that exists between interior and exterior worlds. I am drawn to containers and vessels, as they encapsulate, protect, preserve and metaphorically point to the coexistence of the universal and the individual. Working primarily through abstraction, I draw on the innate understanding of the language of form that we all share, referencing early life forms, basic biology, the natural world, and our physical and philosophical selves.  


The shifts in consciousness we experience as we go about our lives fascinates me. Our individual sense of reality, built from a blend of external and internal attentiveness, reflects a personal, ever- evolving balance. My current work is rooted in a visual exploration of this part of human experience, offered as a meditation on the nature of our everyday lives and ways of being in this world. 

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